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Rosewood Breakfast Table

Rosewood Breakfast Table I have several clients who prefer antique furniture and this rosewood table came in from one of…


The World Beyond Wood

The World Beyond Wood With more than 100,000 species of woods in the world, most turners shouldn’t have a need…


Get Set to Turn

Get Set to Turn Throughout my 35 years of teaching I’ve encountered a lot of novice woodturners who nearly abandoned…


Gypsy Wagon

Gypsy Wagon Out of the blue in July 2010, I had a phone call from an unknown fellow called Harry…


Winding Sticks

Winding Sticks Peter Sefton’s students make an essential workshop aid – winding sticks One thing that always amazes me about…


Router Tables Lowdown

Router Tables Lowdown Anyone who owns a router invariably seems to want a router table to go with it. There…

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