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Furniture & Cabinetmaking is a bi-monthly magazine, focusing exclusively on fine furniture. It reports on the latest trends and styles from around the world and shares inspirational and thoughtful content that will boost your woodworking. Alongside this cutting-edge work, there is respect for the traditions of the past and how they can be applied in the modern workshop. Leading designer-makers share their stories in engaging features, and there are projects and technical articles for professional and non-professional furniture makers alike – all with the aim of promoting excellence in furniture making.


The Art of Smoke Fitting

The Art of Smoke Fitting Plane maker Oliver Sparks explains how the use of soot helps to seat an iron…


Super Powers

Super Powers Over the years, I have used or developed many tricks or shortcuts on my shop machines for quicker,…


Laminated Roubo Bench

Laminated Roubo Bench Over the years my off-the-shelf bench gradually had more and more bits screwed and bolted to it…


Square Deal

Square Deal Anne Briggs Bohnett emphasises the importance of using truly square stock and offers a few tips on using…


First Impressions Last

First Impressions Last Blindfolded and with only his wits to rely on Richard Arnold remembers the day he first shook…


Slick on the Drawer

Slick on the Drawer Back in 1997 Alan Peters wrote an article for Fine Woodworking titled simply ‘Fitting a Drawer’.…

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