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Furniture & Cabinetmaking is a bi-monthly magazine, focusing exclusively on fine furniture. It reports on the latest trends and styles from around the world and shares inspirational and thoughtful content that will boost your woodworking. Alongside this cutting-edge work, there is respect for the traditions of the past and how they can be applied in the modern workshop. Leading designer-makers share their stories in engaging features, and there are projects and technical articles for professional and non-professional furniture makers alike – all with the aim of promoting excellence in furniture making.


Panel Raiser

Panel Raiser: Fatigued by metal clamps? Derek Jones builds a set of wooden sash clamps Hard to believe I know,…


Heirloom Speech Bubble Bookshelves

Heirloom Speech Bubble Bookshelves: These distinctive dovetailed wall shelves feature angles that will challenge your joinery and assembly skills. Charles…


Lamb’s Tongue Twister

Lamb’s Tongue Twister: The lamb’s tongue chamfer on my oak Moxon vice Stopped chamfers are a recurring form in both…


A Place for Everything

A Place for Everything: Anne Briggs Bohnett constructs a dovetailed writing desk with room for a few of life’s other essentials,…


Send in the Hounds

Send in the Hounds: Derek Jones builds a rock solid Moxon vice with extra bite I’ve looked at a couple…


Tapered Sliding Dovetails by Hand

Tapered Sliding Dovetails by Hand: Canadian woodworker Charles Mak shares his method for cutting this seemingly complicated joint with the…


Cutting Corners

Cutting Corners: Derek Jones takes a short cut approach to hand veneering that’ll save you a packet We spend half…

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