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Castle Doorstop

Castle Doorstop: ‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’ – or at least the doorstop is.


Carving a Swan, part 1

Carving a Swan, part 1: Andrew Thomas carves a royal bird, the swan The form of the swan lends itself…


Economy of Scale

Economy of Scale: Andrew Lapthorn’s Tripod table captures the appeal of a bespoke piece through clever batch production The Tripod table was…


Garden Dibber for Planting

Garden Dibber for Planting: Rick Rich shares his ‘after dinner’ turning project to make a garden dibber I know some pretty serious gardeners;…


The Oak Within Sideboard

The Oak Within Sideboard: Chris Wiseman explains some of the key features on the first ever sideboard he made as a…


Standup Vice

Standup Vice: How many times do you have to bend down to cut accurate joints? You don’t have to, if…


Wasted Celebrations

Wasted Celebrations: Andrew Potocnik makes a decorative box out of pallet wood S o often one encounters timber considered worthy…


Tribute Bowl

Tribute Bowl: Mark Palma pays tribute to his watchmaking grandfather with this pertinent bowl In 1932 my paternal grandfather, James…

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