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Tribute Bowl

Tribute Bowl: Mark Palma pays tribute to his watchmaking grandfather with this pertinent bowl In 1932 my paternal grandfather, James…


Regency Chair Restoration

Regency Chair Restoration: Louise Biggs’ clients can always take comfort from the quality of her workmanship as this restoration job…


Turned Baby’s Rattle

Turned Baby’s Rattle Peter Wood decides not to throw his toys out of the pram and instead makes himself a rattle……


Guardian of the Black Pearl

Guardian of the Black Pearl Bob Jubb carves a detailed decorative octopus To most people the octopus is an ugly…


Beaded Off-Set Bowl

Beaded Off-Set Bowl Andy Coates sets off using simple off-set techniques to make a contemporary decorative bowl As I have…


Fruit and Flower Drop

Fruit and Flower Drop Steve Bisco shows how to design and make your own limewood foliage carvings When we discuss…

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