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Jointer Tune-Up

Jointer Tune-Up: Rob Porcaro shares some handy tips for tuning your jointer. Jointer parallelism After writing blog posts on jointer-planer…


Tudor Gothic Panel

Tudor Gothic Panel: Steve Bisco carves and fumes an oak panel in Tudor style The Gothic style that was dominant…


How to Use a Simple Bench Hook

How to Use a Simple Bench Hook: Learn how to use this simple accessory for your benchtop. Randy Maxey demonstrates…


Stack Marking

Stack Marking: Robert Paul Gurney explains how to use ordinary tools to get extraordinarily accurate layouts. The key to accurate…


Walnut Fire Surround

Walnut Fire Surround: Louise Biggs shows us how she made a fancy fire surround when there is no fire… I…


Ladder Back Chair Restoration

Ladder Back Chair Restoration: Louise Biggs restores her client’s faith in her much-used family dining chairs. My client’s father was…

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