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An Introduction to Chip Carving

An Introduction to Chip Carving: Murray Taylor gives a brief history of chip carving and describes the tools and equipment…


10 Tips to Perfect Saw Cuts

10 Tips to Perfect Saw Cuts: If you need to improve your hand sawing technique, take a look at these tips.…


Wax in Woodturning

Wax in Woodturning: Mark Palma looks at expanding the use of wax in woodturning. Wax has been used in woodwork…


Making dollhouse furniture

Making dollhouse furniture: Stuart King talks us through how to make miniature furniture for any dolls house. Growing up in…


Masons and Housework

Masons and Housework: John Lloyd looks at a 15th-century technique that revolutionised furniture making. No, this has nothing to do…


Veneer Maintenance

Veneer Maintenance: Amber Bailey likes to make sure her veneers are in a respectable condition. As anyone knows, the further…

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