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Block Plane Shooting Board

Block Plane Shooting Board: Designed for trimming end grain, a low angle block plane is the perfect tool for a…


Thoughts on a Skew Chisel

Thoughts on a Skew Chisel: A discourse about the ‘modern’ skew chisel and convexed grinding takes Rod Tallack back some…


Turning Small Natural Edge Bowls

Turning Small Natural Edge Bowls: Peter Westermann offers three design options for natural edge bowls I often get e-mails from the…


Table Saw Tune-Up:

Table Saw Tune-Up: Keeping your table saw in top condition is the best way to get consistent, accurate cuts every…


Your First Segmented Turning

Your First Segmented Turning: Kurt Hertzog looks at turning your first segmented piece The goal of this article is to…


Mirror Restoration

Mirror Restoration: A discovered bargain antique at the rubbish tip that needed plenty of TLC. The mystery then began… Assessing…

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