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Why Turn Punky and Soft Wood?

Why Turn Punky and Soft Wood? Alan Wasserman looks at using imperfect wood, starting with the implications and things to…


Chip-Carving Letters

Chip-Carving Letters: Murray Taylor gives you a brief history of letter carving and describes the tools and equipment you will…


10 Tips for Drilling

10 Tips for Drilling: Anyone can drill a hole – but there are right ways and wrong ways to do…


Demystifying the Skew Chisel

Demystifying the Skew Chisel: Kurt Hertzog talks about the skew chisel. Of the many tools in a woodturner’s kit, the…


#@*&!%?! Happens!

#@*&!%?! Happens! A hammer can be an offensive weapon – especially with wood! Here’s a quick guide to undoing the…

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