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Working with Shell

Working with Shell Kurt Hertzog looks at using various types of shell in his turned work As we’ve been exploring…


Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are Forever Although the art of chequering has been around for many hundreds of years, it was first seen used in…


Beneath the Surface

Beneath the Surface All too often, woodworkers have a fairly vague understanding of the various types of wood coatings and…


Freehand Routing

Freehand Routing The term freehand is slightly misleading, suggesting holding the router with some means of guidance but not fixed…


The World Beyond Wood

The World Beyond Wood With more than 100,000 species of woods in the world, most turners shouldn’t have a need…


How to Turn a Perfect Sphere

How to Turn a Perfect Sphere Turned wooden spheres hold a certain fascination. They demand to be picked up and…

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