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How to Fold Sandpaper

How to Fold Sandpaper: Folding a sheet of sandpaper is trickier than you think. You don’t want the grit rubbing…


Edge-to-Edge Joinery – more

Edge-to-Edge Joinery – more: Rob Porcaro covers shop-proven techniques for producing accurate joint surfaces and aligning them for glue-up. The…


Paul Johnston – Winged Bowl

Paul Johnston – Winged Bowl: I was heavily inspired after seeing a fellow turner’s work. I don’t see myself as an…


What Shall I Carve?

What Shall I Carve? Peter Benson looks at choosing a subject for carving. One of the most common difficulties hobby…


A New Twist on Dovetails

A New Twist on Dovetails: The secret to clean, crisp joinery is maintaining accuracy at every stage of the process.…

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