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Burning Mills – Inspiration

Burning Mills – Inspiration: Louise Hibbert tells us about her inspiration which led to making these beautiful mills. After a…


Router Housing Jigs

Router Housing Jigs: We show details of the essential housing jig that you will need in your collection. You can…


Creating Panels

Creating Panels: Murray Taylor explores the drawing and carving of a variety of decorative panels. In this article, I will…


Stack Marking – more

Stack Marking – more: Robert Paul Gurney shows marking and measuring with a technique designed to get the best results…


A Cracking Finish

A Cracking Finish: Adrian Jacobs shows how to use crackle glaze to maximise the visual impact of bowls. I have written…


How to Fold Sandpaper

How to Fold Sandpaper: Folding a sheet of sandpaper is trickier than you think. You don’t want the grit rubbing…

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