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David’s Drawer

David’s Drawer: Peter Sefton helps ‘long course’ student David Partington learn the art of drawer making. One of the first…


Coarse, Medium and Fine

Coarse, Medium and Fine: After helping us choose our bench planes,,Kieran Binnie explains the best ways to use them. Have…


Quick Tips: Planing End Grain:

Quick Tips: Planing End Grain: With a sharp bench plane or block plane, you can get smooth results when planing…


Roughing Out

Roughing Out: Peter Benson talks us through a crucial stage of the carving process. The production of any carving can…


Eccentric Turning, Using Chucks

Eccentric Turning, Using Chucks: Richard Findley tries out eccentric turning chucks. I am taking a look at a couple of…

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