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Build a Dovetailed Saw Vice

Build a Dovetailed Saw Vice Charles Mak built this saw vice for his panel saws and shows you how he…


A Home-built Vacuum Chamber

A Home-built Vacuum Chamber Before I begin to explain how I made my own vacuum pot, for those who are…


Get Set to Turn

Get Set to Turn Throughout my 35 years of teaching I’ve encountered a lot of novice woodturners who nearly abandoned…


Super Powers

Super Powers Over the years, I have used or developed many tricks or shortcuts on my shop machines for quicker,…


Router Tables Lowdown

Router Tables Lowdown Anyone who owns a router invariably seems to want a router table to go with it. There…


First Impressions Last

First Impressions Last Blindfolded and with only his wits to rely on Richard Arnold remembers the day he first shook…

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