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Woodcarving is a bi-monthly magazine that is read in 57 countries worldwide. It includes inspiring features, projects, technical articles and reviews, and features the work of top professionals and the most talented amateur carvers from around the world, It has a new, picture-led design which offers insight into the process of creating both great and humble carvings.


Bearded Vulture

Bearded Vulture: Mike Wood shows how to carve this beautiful bird of prey. The bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbartus) – sometimes called…


The Gothic Style

The Gothic Style: Steve Bisco explores what defines the Gothic style is and how it is depicted in architecture and…


Bernard Harris – Sea Turtle

Bernard Harris – Sea Turtle: The great storm of 1987 brought down many trees, one of which found new life…


Roughing Out

Roughing Out: Peter Benson talks us through a crucial stage of the carving process. The production of any carving can…


Kingfisher on a Leaf

Kingfisher on a Leaf: Paul Purnell carves this distinctive river bird in a moment of stillness to create a decorative…


Classical Cartouche Tray

Classical Cartouche Tray: Steve Bisco has been saving a special piece of mahogany for a project to do it justice…

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