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Woodcarving is a bi-monthly magazine that is read in 57 countries worldwide. It includes inspiring features, projects, technical articles and reviews, and features the work of top professionals and the most talented amateur carvers from around the world, It has a new, picture-led design which offers insight into the process of creating both great and humble carvings.


All about Lime

All about Lime: Gary Marshall takes a look at the lime tree, whose history lies back in ancient times Think…


Drawings of a Student Woodcarver

Drawings of a Student Woodcarver: William Barsley discusses the art of drawing specifically for carving Learning to draw comes easily…


Gothic Quatrefoil

Gothic Quatrefoil: Steve Bisco carves a traditional Gothic quatrefoil in limestone The quatrefoil is one of the mainstays of Medieval…


Bowl and Keys

Bowl and Keys: Duane Cartwright carves a functional, everyday bowl and keys This time round I thought I would carve…


Calamity Control

Calamity Control: Dave Western talk about making mistakes on your carvings and how to avoid them Just once in my…


The Mighty Ox

The Mighty Ox: Bob Jubb provides plans for carving a musk ox The musk ox is really tough, living in…

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