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Woodturning is read by turning enthusiasts in over 60 countries worldwide and is packed with projects, features on turners around the world, tests and reviews, as well as news, letters and tips. Our projects cater for varying levels of ability, so there is something for everyone, from beginner to professional.


Double Vision

Double Vision: Vase turner Jim O’Donnell found inspiration from an unexpected source. I had the initial spark of inspiration for the…


Re-Chucking Methods

Re-Chucking Methods: Philip Greenwood looks at methods of re-chucking. In this part we look at a few methods to re-chuck…


Banjo Modification

Banjo Modification: Chris Grace makes an improvement to his banjo and tailstock. Have you ever suffered a sticking banjo or…


Turning Bracelets

Turning Bracelets: Kurt Hertzog looks at making bracelets. If you’ve read my article on turning rings, you might ask what…


Nested Bowl Set

Nested Bowl Set: Andy Coates looks at using a bowl saver to make a set of nested bowls to decorate.…

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