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Woodturning is read by turning enthusiasts in over 60 countries worldwide and is packed with projects, features on turners around the world, tests and reviews, as well as news, letters and tips. Our projects cater for varying levels of ability, so there is something for everyone, from beginner to professional.


The World Beyond Wood

The World Beyond Wood With more than 100,000 species of woods in the world, most turners shouldn’t have a need…


Hidden Box Earring Stand

Hidden Box Earring Stand One of my staple production items is made from 85mm square lignum vitae (Guiaiacum officinale) stock…


How to Turn a Perfect Sphere

How to Turn a Perfect Sphere Turned wooden spheres hold a certain fascination. They demand to be picked up and…


A Home-built Vacuum Chamber

A Home-built Vacuum Chamber Before I begin to explain how I made my own vacuum pot, for those who are…


Get Set to Turn

Get Set to Turn Throughout my 35 years of teaching I’ve encountered a lot of novice woodturners who nearly abandoned…


A Trumpet-inspired Chess Set

A Trumpet-inspired Chess Set Mike Darlow turns a chess set based on a trumpet-shape design The set shown above is…

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