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Woodturning is read by turning enthusiasts in over 60 countries worldwide and is packed with projects, features on turners around the world, tests and reviews, as well as news, letters and tips. Our projects cater for varying levels of ability, so there is something for everyone, from beginner to professional.


Alterations after Turning

Alterations after Turning Taking your nearly completed piece and intentionally altering it may seem like heresy. Carving, piercing, painting, pyrography,…


Yew Boxes

Yew Boxes There is a yew (Taxus baccata) tree growing in the churchyard at Fortingall in Perthshire that is thought…


Identifying Shapes in Turning

Identifying Shapes in Turning I have looked at the techniques of turning various different shapes into timber, whether that be…


Box with Lid and Finial Top

Box with Lid and Finial Top This article includes a simple box that could be a project in itself, however…


Spalted Beech Bowl

Spalted Beech Bowl Large and impressive trees, beeches (Fagus sylvatica) often show themselves off well by preventing other plants from…


Faceplate Turning

Faceplate Turning So, what is faceplate work? Essentially faceplate work covers any type of turning where the grain of the…

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