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The Woodworkers Institute is the online home of the market leading woodworking magazines from the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications. It has been relaunched in Spring 2022 so you can access articles quickly and easily. From turning and carving to furniture making and DIY, you’ll find all the information you need here.

Make this Your Hub for Everything Woodworking



IWF 2022 REVIEW: Randy Maxey and Alan Goodsell visited the IWF for the first time in a while Every two…


Uses for Your Block Plane

Uses for Your Block Plane: For what tasks do you use a block plane in your workshop? Randy Maxey gives…


In My Workshop – Bill Crawford

In My Workshop – Bill Crawford: Bill Crawford is a self-taught woodworking with decades of experience. He loves to experiment…


An Overview of Block Planes

An Overview of Block Planes: Block planes are among some of the handiest, most-used tools in the woodworking shop. Randy…


Rust Preventatives

Rust Preventatives: Chances are, your hand tools have, at one time or another, exhibited some rusting. There are dozens, if…

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