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Woodworking Crafts is a bi-monthly magazine for woodworkers of all levels, covering everything from green woodworking to cabinetmaking, up-cycling, restoration and many craft disciplines based on wood such as marquetry, pyrography, woodturning and carving. Woodworking Crafts is intended for anyone and everyone from beginners to experienced woodworkers who want to expand their woodworking knowledge and learn new skills.


Veneer Boxes

Veneer Boxes Peter Sefton and his students use burr walnut veneer to make boxes Veneer is very much the domain…


Cherry Mantle Clock

Cherry Mantle Clock Michael T Collins makes a traditional mantle clock, in cherry wood Every home I have lived in…


Garden Planter

Garden Planter One of the hazards of being a professional woodworker is that you are continually at the mercy of…


Garden Obelisk

Garden Obelisk Steve Bisco shows us how to make a trellis obelisk to create a focal point in the garden…



Shelves Some shelves need to be open, such as for books, but other items are safer if they cannot fall…


Key Rack

Key Rack Sometimes you just want a quick and yet satisfying solution to a problem. So we came up with…


Freehand Routing

Freehand Routing The term freehand is slightly misleading, suggesting holding the router with some means of guidance but not fixed…


Jewellery Box

Jewellery Box From childhood I have been fascinated by boxes. We still have our children’s ‘treasure’ boxes in the attic…

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