Notre-Dame de la Garde


Notre-Dame de la Garde:
We take a look at this famous basilica in Marseille.

We take a look at this famous basilica in Marseille

Notre-Dame de la Garde, which means Our Lady of the Guard, is a basilica and is one of Marseille’s best known landmarks sited high 162m limestone promontory overlooking the sea and port. This area has been used as an observation point and major defensive fort for many centuries.
A small chapel was built on the site in 1214 and a fort was created around it. In the 1800s the chapel saw major extensions added. The present basilica was finished on the late 1880s.
This locations has seen may skirmishes and wars and now the stunning contrasting stone basilica with its grand and richly ornate spaces is not only a place of worship but one of the most visited sites in Marseille.


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