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Furniture & Cabinetmaking is a bi-monthly magazine, focusing exclusively on fine furniture. It reports on the latest trends and styles from around the world and shares inspirational and thoughtful content that will boost your woodworking. Alongside this cutting-edge work, there is respect for the traditions of the past and how they can be applied in the modern workshop. Leading designer-makers share their stories in engaging features, and there are projects and technical articles for professional and non-professional furniture makers alike – all with the aim of promoting excellence in furniture making.


The Dark Horse of Bench Planes

The Dark Horse of Bench Planes: Vic Tesolin takes a detailed look at bevel-up bench planes in the shop. Often…


Stack Marking – more

Stack Marking – more: Robert Paul Gurney shows marking and measuring with a technique designed to get the best results…


Edge-to-Edge Joinery – more

Edge-to-Edge Joinery – more: Rob Porcaro covers shop-proven techniques for producing accurate joint surfaces and aligning them for glue-up. The…


A New Twist on Dovetails

A New Twist on Dovetails: The secret to clean, crisp joinery is maintaining accuracy at every stage of the process.…


Edge-to-Edge Joinery

Edge-to-Edge Joinery: Rob Porcaro explores the ubiquitous edge joint and looks at practical, small-shop techniques, rationales for various approaches and…

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