Issue 84 of Woodworking Crafts – out now!


In issue 84 of Woodworking Crafts you’ll find plenty to inspire and inform your crafts

In Projects, Mitch Peacock makes a tilting easel for jigsaw puzzles; Charles Mak shows how to make wooden tongs; Fred and Julie Byrne create a Christmas puzzle that doubles as a festive decoration; Rick Rich repairs a child’s rocking chair; Richard Findley turns a star-shaped tealight holder; Kevin Alviti builds a ‘posh’ potting bench; Peter Benson carves a festive rocking penguin; Jim Robinson builds a ‘treasure’ chest; Alan Holtham makes a bespoke router table; Walter Hall designs and builds a small over-bed side table; Geoffrey Rowe constructs a set of MDF bookcases; and Daniele Nocetti makes a wooden panther.

In our Techniques articles, Mark Palma reveals the secrets to achieving a perfect finish; Anthony Bailey covers DIY basics; Derek Jones demonstrates tenoning on the router; Geoffrey Laycock advises on the safe use of scalpels; and Michael Huntley shares his tips for accurate sawing.

In Features, we meet Australian turner and woodworker Tracey Malady; we showcase the Wood Awards nominees; Amber Bailey explains the principles of integrated pest management; we pay tribute to the iconic Sycamore Gap tree and celebrate the winner of the UK’s Tree of the Year; and we review three books to add to your Christmas list.

All this and more in issue 84 of Woodworking Crafts!

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