The Mighty Ox


The Mighty Ox:
Bob Jubb provides plans for carving a musk ox

Bob Jubb provides plans for carving a musk ox

The musk ox is really tough, living in the high Arctic through the severest of winters. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, they are also a prey for wolves. When there is a wolf attack, the adult oxen form a tight circle around the calves to protect them from the wolves. I’ve only ever carved one musk ox, which is this one, and it was carved approximately 25 years ago. I managed to track down its owner who has kindly let me borrow it so I could take some photographs. I still like it to this day and I am tempted to carved another, but maybe in walnut (Juglans regia) this time. This carving was carved in elm (Ulmas procera) and the dimensions of this carving are 292 x 165 x 120mm.

Did you know?
The musk ox has long shaggy hair, which is well adapted to its frigid climate in the Arctic. They have a shorter undercoat that gives additional insulation in the winter.
  The female musk ox carry calves during an eight month pregnancy and calves can keep up with their mothers and the rest of the heard within a matter of hours.
  The musk ox are herd animals and are usually led by a single female.
  The musk ox has a life span of 12–20  years and grows to approximately 1.5m in height.
  They are very protective of their calves and are fed on their mother’s milk until they learn to graze the tundra.
  They can be found on the treeless tundra from  Alaska through to Northern Canada and to Greenland. 


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