Garden kneeler – Quick Make


Garden kneeler – Quick Make:
You don’t have to suffer from a bad back to realise that our handy kneeler is just what you need.

You don’t have to suffer from a bad back to realise that our handy kneeler is just what you need

Things you will need
• Jigsaw
• Drill
• Handsaw
• Rasp
• Wood glue
• Screwdriver and screws
• Rubber kneeler pad
• Varnish
• Thixotropic contact adhesive
Pine board (Pinus sylvestris)
 2 @ 200 x 700mm
 1 @ 200 x length of kneeler pad plus a little extra

1. Use a standard pre-sanded pine shelf board, 200mm wide, and cut two pieces roughly 700mm long. 

2. Mark hand cutouts near one end of each board and cut the holes by using a jigsaw, first drilling a pilot
hole for the blade to go through.

3. Round all edges of the hand holes and the outer edges of both boards with a rasp except at the bottom ends which must be left square. 

4. Cut, glue and screw two lengths of batten to the bottom ends of the boards. These will stop the boards sinking into the ground and will help to spread the load.

5. Saw off a length of the same shelf board, slightly longer than the foam rubber kneeler pad you intend using. Cut, glue and screw two corner strips one under each end. 

6. Now glue and screw the board at a slight kneeling angle between the two upright boards going into the corners strips from the outside faces of the uprights. Ensure you make the position identical on both uprights.

7. Apply a varnish to the whole piece to seal it. Once dried, spread a coat of thixotropic contact adhesive to the underside of the kneeler and the top surface of the kneeling board. When the glue is tacky, press the kneeler pad down in position. Now you can get down to weed the garden and up again, much more easily than before!


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