Issue 195 of Woodcarving magazine – out now!


Issue 195 of Woodcarving magazine is filled with a host of great articles for you.

Our Guest Editor, Peter Benson, welcomes you to the issue; whittles a netsuke-style pelican; meets carver Dave Wilkins; shares a carved bear project from his new book, Whittling Woodland Animals; and discusses his lifelong love of carving.

In our Projects section, Steve Bisco carves a festoon of fruit and flowers in tulipwood; Dave Western finishes his Norwegian wedding spoon by carving the attached chain; Cedric Boyns whittles a king penguin; John Samworth carves the leaves and flowers on his Celtic-style arch; and Kevin Alviti makes a handy scoop.

In Techniques, Zoë Gertner practises carving from branch wood with her peapod design; Alan Denham explores the ukibori technique as he finishes his dragon mirror frame; and Nic Westermann explains how to deal with broken knife tips.

In Features, Frank Fox-Wilson describes some of the sculptures that will be displayed in his exhibition, Excellence in Wood; and we explore the legacy of carousel carver, Charles ID Looff.

We also have updates from the carving community and a peek at our next issue.

All this and more in Woodcarving magazine 195!

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