Issue 199 of Woodcarving magazine – out now!


Issue 199 of Woodcarving magazine is filled with a host of great articles for you.

Our Guest Editor, Zoë Gertner, welcomes you to the issue; makes a range of decorative and functional latches, catches and hinges; and interviews German carver Manfred Steglich about his imaginative work.

In our Projects section, Steve Bisco carves a Gothic-style pelican; Dave Western creates a traditional knitting sheath; Cedric Boynes makes a South American-influenced ‘wheel of fun’; Colin Burlton carves a leaping hare; John Samworth relaxes mind and body by carving a tranquil garden scene; Peter Benson whittles a bird-of-prey-themed walking stick topper; and Kevin Alviti proves carving is a broad church with his cathedral-inspired panel.

In Techniques, John Davies discusses bird carving; and Nic Westermann explains how to repair an edge-damaged axe.

In Features, we learn about the Ainu Stories exhibition of traditional carvings at Japan House, London; Clunie Fretton explains how she will use her QEST funding to further her skills; we present some exquisite pieces from The Wood Symphony Gallery’s exhibition of work by Nairi Safaryan; Peter Benson goes back to school to teach the next generation of woodcarvers; and as the new year begins in the Chinese zodiac, we celebrate the Year of the Wood Dragon.

We also have updates from the carving community and a peek at issue 200.

All this and more in Woodcarving magazine 199!

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