Issue 201 of Woodcarving magazine – out now!


Issue 201 of Woodcarving magazine is filled with a host of great articles for you. Our Guest Editor, Peter Benson, welcomes you to the issue; begins a two-part article describing the carving of a boy playing on a rope swing; learns about Ken Veal’s biggest carving inspirations; and contemplates why and how we carve.

In our Projects section, Steve Bisco carves a low relief flower pattern in the Arts & Crafts style; Cedric Boyns creates unusual whale tail jewellery holders; Dave Western replicates an ancient Celtic design with his boar rattle; Zoë Gertner creates a scene of a gardener’s boots on a doormat; Colin Burlton carves a swimming otter; Rick Uttley recreates a classic bicycle in wood; Graham Thompson explains how he came to carve his first horse’s head; and Kevin Alviti is inspired by a trip to Warwick Castle to carve a medieval-style toy sword.

In Techniques, Nic Westermann sharpens a Crown Gooseneck scraper.

In Features, Matilda (Tilly) Rudken tells us about her carving and the mentors who’ve helped her along the way; we showcase pieces from Gallery FUMI’s exhibition of work by US sculptor Casey McCafferty;
and we visit the Louvre.

We also have updates from the carving community and a peek at our next issue.

All this and more in Woodcarving magazine 201!

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