Colonial Woodworker Randy Maxey Welcomes you to the Launch of the New Woodworkers Institute Website


Colonial Woodworker Randy Maxey Welcomes you to the Launch of the New Woodworkers Institute Website:

Hello to all you woodworkers and welcome to the new Woodworkers Institute website.
Some of you may remember the old site and we thank you for continuing to support us. We decided that we needed to modernize our presence on the internet and make some improvements to the Woodworkers Institute and today is the day we officially launch it to you.

Union of Woodworkers
Although this is the USA’s Independence Day, at the Woodworkers Institute we are celebrating a union of woodworkers worldwide. We may have our differences in measurement systems, terminologies, and spellings but we all strive to achieve the same thing: to make things in wood to the best of our abilities.
On our new Woodworkers Institute website, we have contributors from all over the world and we embrace their diversity and commonality. There is always something new to learn and you may well see people make things in a way that is different to the way you have learned, but you never know, you might pick up some ideas and techniques you can use in your workshop. We cater to woodworkers of all skill levels from the beginner all the way to highly skilled professionals. So, dig in and you’re sure to find something you find informative and useful.

Website navigation
Scroll down to see the wide range of articles from all the areas our magazines cover. These include Furniture and Cabinetmaking, Woodworking Crafts, Woodturning, and Woodcarving. The site is well organized so you can easily find the articles you are interested in. After you have read the article there is a comments section where you can voice your thoughts. Our hope is that your comments will initiate some lively conversations with other woodworkers around the globe.

Members section coming
In our next phase we will be introducing a member’s section and that area will contain exclusive content only available to our members. There will be more giveaways, offers on books and magazines, projects with downloadable plans, exclusive articles, and so much more.

Product giveaways
To celebrate our launch, we have several companies, both in the UK and the USA, who have contributed prizes for us to give away. All you need to do is go to the prize page for your country, fill in your contact details and you could be a winner of an amazing woodworking prize.

The future of Woodworkers Institute
We hope you enjoy our new hub for everything woodworking and look forward to your reaction and comments. We want Woodworkers Institute to be a place where you feel at home, and we hope you come to visit often.

Welcome from
Randy Maxey and Everyone at the Woodworkers Institute


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