Hooked on Hand Tools – Double-Ended Screwdriver


Hooked on Hand Tools – Double-Ended Screwdriver:
Randy Maxey gets hooked on hand tools and this time it’s a double-ended screwdriver.

My dad loved woodturning. He had an old Delta lathe he used mostly to turn pens. He made dozens of pens and gave them away. I still have one or two of them.

He made the handle for this screwdriver that was part of a kit. It’s a handy tool with double-ended bits at each end of the shaft. One end of the shaft locks into the handle. If you need the bit on that end, simply remove the shaft then rotate it 180° to lock the other end into the handle.

This screwdriver hangs prominently on my shop wall. For sentimental reasons, I’m almost afraid to use it.


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