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Standup Vice

Standup Vice: How many times do you have to bend down to cut accurate joints? You don’t have to, if…


Routing Problems

Routing Problems We turn to those routing difficulties that keep coming around again and again It still amazes me that the…


Holtey T21 Transitional Plane

Holtey T21 Transitional Plane: Jim Hooker puts the Holtey T21 plane to the test Karl Holtey is famed for infill…


Types of Faceplates

Types of Faceplates Philip Greenwood looks at the pros and cons of different types of faceplates Faceplates still have a place in…


Chopsaw Technique

Chopsaw Technique Chris Grace cuts to the chase with some safe and useful advice on using a chopsaw The chopsaw…


Evolution of a Router Table

Evolution of a Router Table Walter Hall looks at the evolution of his router table Over the years I must…

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