Very Very Frightening


Very Very Frightening:
Derek Andrews presents his unusual and intriguing piece.

Derek Andrews presents his unusual and intriguing piece

I work with a variety of fine hardwoods and often marvel at the beauty that mother nature has created. This natural splendour is complemented by equally fine craftsmanship.
‘Very Very Frightening’ is made from fiddleback maple (Acer spp.) and African blackwood (Dalbergia melanoxylon), and is named after a phrase from Queen’s song Bohemian Rhapsody.
The jagged face of this sculpture is the direct result of wood being cleaved apart by a powerful log splitter. The jagged surface created by the log splitter, and the finer texture caused by the fiddleback figure are contrasted with the smoothness of the ‘dish’ and the jet-black ‘bolt of lightning’.
I view this sculpture as a metaphor for the frightening amount of figured maple that is wasted as firewood or biomass here in Nova Scotia. ‘Very Very Frightening’ stands at 180  x 150 x 60mm.


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