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Banjo Modification

Banjo Modification: Chris Grace makes an improvement to his banjo and tailstock. Have you ever suffered a sticking banjo or…


I Love Fishtails

I Love Fishtails: Peter Benson explains how to use a fishtail. I have shown you a number three and a number…


The Mechanics of Joinery

The Mechanics of Joinery: Douglas Coates looks at how joints work. In a previous article I discussed the joint as…


Turning Bracelets

Turning Bracelets: Kurt Hertzog looks at making bracelets. If you’ve read my article on turning rings, you might ask what…


David’s Drawer

David’s Drawer: Peter Sefton helps ‘long course’ student David Partington learn the art of drawer making. One of the first…


Quick Tips: Planing End Grain:

Quick Tips: Planing End Grain: With a sharp bench plane or block plane, you can get smooth results when planing…

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